CHIANTI RUFINA DOCG or ‘Chianti from the Rufina area’ is one of the sub-regions within the wider red wine-only Chianti DOCG. The vineyards are near to but north-east of the city of Florence (‘Firenze’), and north of the other Chianti DOCG zones. Rufina is close to the Apennine foothills, the chain of mountains that divides Tuscany from Emilia-Romagna. The mountains and the presence of the Sieve river moderates summer heat, and helps foster with day-night temperature swings. This slows ripening and provides balanced wines with notable acidity levels and elegant tannins. See also the Pomino DOC, a higher area which Rufina almost totally surrounds. 

SIZE | 2016 Federico Giuntini of Fattoria Selvapiana told me in 2016 that Rufina had around 20 producers making around 4% of the total output for Chianti DOCG.

WINE STYLE | Federico Giuntini of Fattoria Selvapiana told me in 2016 that ‘Rufina as a Chianti zone is known for making very aromatic, elegant wines. This has to do with where we are. We are in a valley and close to the [Appennine] mountains, we have very dramatic temperatures between night and day, so the grapes ripen very slowly. They keep all their freshness, that’s why the wines are so aromatic, so floral, with open fruit, ripe fruit, but not too ripe. Always on the fresh side.’





CERTIFIED ORGANIC | Fattoria I Veroni. / Fattoria Selvapiana



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