Italy is a European country which ranks with Spain and France as one of the world’s three most important sources of organic wine.

Organic & Biodynamic wine production data – Italy: See here.

Organic & Biodynamic organizationsAssociazione Mediterranea Agricoltura Biologica or AMAB.

Regions (20): Italy is divided into 20 regions, two of which – Valle d’Aosta and Alto Adige – have ‘special statute’ standing. Italy’s regions are equivalent to states in the USA or provinces in Canada. They are: Abruzzo. | Alto Adige. | Aosta. | Basilicata. | Calabria. | Campania. | Emilia-Romagna. | Friuli-Venezia Giulia. | Lazio (Latium). | Lombardia (Lombardy). | Liguria. | Marche. | Molise. | Puglia (Apulia). | Sardegna (Sardinia). | Sicilia (Sicily). | Piemonte (Piedmont). | Toscana (Tuscany). | Trentino. | Umbria. | Veneto.

Vineyard area & wine production: 2019 705,000ha of vines producing, 46.6m hl or 18% of global production.

Wine grapesItaly is the country with the most wine grapes: roughly 30% of all the world’s wine grapes are Italian. See here.

Terroir: Italy–Climate. | Italy–Geography. | Italy–Geology. | Italy–Volcanic soils.

History4000BC-earliest traces of Italian wine-growing. | From Ancient times to the present. | 1792 Napoleon invades Italy

Educational & trade bodies: FederDoc. | Federvini. | FIVI. | Italian Trade Agency (ICE). | Unione Italiana Vini. | VinItaly International Academy

Wine trade fairsVinItaly

Markets for Italian wineSee here.

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