Fronsac is the commune which gives its name to the Fronsadais on the Bordeaux region‘s right bank. Its red wines are entitled to both the Fronsac and Canon-Fronsac AOCs.  Fronsac is bordered on the south by the Dordogne river and on the east by the Isle river, which separates it from Libourne. The commune’s highpoint, the ‘tertre de Fronsac’, affords panoramic views.

The Mascaret: The ‘mascaret’ or tidal bore of the Dordogne reaches Fronsac on the outskirts of Libourne, about thirty kilometers inland. The wave is particularly powerful at the port of Saint-Pardon in the town of Vayres. The phenomenon occurs in the mouth and lower reaches of some rivers when their current is thwarted by the flow of the rising tide. Imperceptible most of the time, it manifests itself at the time of new and full moons (during high tides).

Surface area: 1,500ha.


Certified Biodynamic: Château La Fleur-Cailleau. | Château La Grave à Fronsac.

Certified organic: Château Gaby. | Château Moulin Pey Labrie. | Château Richelieu.

No certification: Château Arnauton. | Château Barrabaque. | Château Beau Site de La Tour. | Château Bellevue Montaigü. | Château Belloy. | Château Bodet. | Château Belloy. | Château Bourdieu La Valade. | Château Caillou. | Château Canon (Moueix). | Château Canon de Brem. | Château Canon Feydieu. | Château Canon (Christian Moueix). | Château Canon (Moueix). | Château Capet. | Château Capet-Bégaud. | Château Chêne de Gombeau. | Château Coustolle. | Château de Fronsac. | Château de la Dauphine. | Château du Fort Pontus. | Château du Pavillon. | Château du Tertre. | Château Franc Capet. | Château Gagnard. | Château Haut-Panet. | Château Haut-Peychez. | Château Junayme. | Château Junayme-Menuts. | Château La Croix. | Château La Croix Gandineau. | Château La Croix Laroque. | Château La Fontaine. | Château La Croix-Canon. | Château La Marche-Canon. | Château La Rivière. | Château La Valade. | Château Lagüe. | Château Lamarche Canon. | Château L’Archevesque. | Château Les Trois Croix. | Château Perron La Croix. | Château Pey Labrie. | Château Toumalin Saint-Cric. | Château Vrai Canon Bouché. | Clos Toumalin. | Domaine Dumon.