Canon-Fronsac AOC is a red wine appellation in the Fronsadais on the right bank of the Bordeaux region, at the confluence of the Dordogne with the Isle. It forms the smaller (one third), more highly regarded AOC of the two which comprise the Fronsadais, the other being the Fronsac AOC. The Canon-Fronsac production zone forms the southwest part, in the communes of Saint-Michel-de-Fronsac and Fronsac (in part).

Communes (2): Fronsac. | Saint-Michel-de-Fronsac.

Vine density: A minimum 5,000 vines per hectare (2,024 per acre) for both the Canon Fronsac AOC and Fronsac AOC.

Wine production: 2002 12,961hl (Guide Hachette des Vins 2004, p.240).

Wine style: The wines are well described by Oz Clarke (2015, p.71) as ‘quite sturdy when young but can age for 10 years or more.’ Hugh Johnson (Wine Companion: 1991, p.98) says the wines ‘can be delectable, full of vigour and spice and worth a good five years’ ageing.’ My take is the best Canon-Fronsac wines are underrated because their fine fruit-tannin structure is not inherently pre-disposed to immediate gratification. They require more patience than most Pomerol or Saint-Emilion reds but are worth the wait.


Certified organic: Château Canon St Michel. | Château Gaby. | Château Moulin de Lariveau. | Château Moulin Pey-Labrie.

Other: Château Barrabaque. | Château Belloy. | Château Bodet. | Château Cailleau-Bellevue. | Château Caillou. | Château Canon (Christian Moueix). | Château Canon (Horeau). | Château Canon (Moueix). | Château Canon de Brem. | Château Canon Feydieu. | Château Capet-Bégaud. | Château Cassagne Haut Canon. | Château Chêne de Gombeau. | Château de Lariveau. | Château du Gazin. | Château du Pavillon. | Château Franc Capet. | Château Francarney-L’Eglise. | Château Haut-Francarney. | Château Haut-Mazeris. | Château Haut-Panet. | Château Junayme. | Château Junayme-Menuts. | Château La Chapelle-Lariveau. | Château La Fleur Canon. | Château Lamarche Canon. Château Larchevesque. | Château Mausse. | Château Mazeris. | Château Mazeris-Bellevue. | Château Perron La Croix. | Château Pey Labrie. | Château Plain-Point. | Château Saint Bernard. | Château Saint Fabien. | Château Tasta. | Château Termaline. | Château Toumalin Saint-Cric. | Château Vincent (Saint-Aignan). | Château Vrai Canon Bouché. | Château Vray Canon Boyer. | Clos Lariveau. | Clos Nardon. | Clos Saint Michel. | Clos Toumalin. | Domaine du Haut-Rambord.

Château La Marche-Canon.