Château Arnauton is an estate winery in Fronsac on the right bank of the Bordeaux region. Red wines are made under the Fronsac AOC.

Owner: Owned by a Belgian family since 1938. In 1850 it was owned by a female member of the Gombaud family. She was succeeded by the Duverger family. In 1939 it was bought by Georges Henin and his wife. After Georges Henin died in 1957 their daughter, whose marriage saw her became Mrs Pierre Herail. Her son Jean-Pierre Herail took over the running of the estate. He was subsequently  followed by his son Xavier.

Vineyards: On the southern (clay-limestone) slopes of the Tertre de Montaigu (63 metres), overlooking the valley of the river Isle. Said to be the highest vineyard in Bordeaux.

Red wines

Grand Sol

Fronsac AOC, Château Arnauton


Château Arnauton

Route de Saillans, F-33141 Fronsac, France