Orvieto DOC is a white wine from an area shared between the Umbria and Lazio regions of central Italy. The wine is named the town of Orvieto in Terni Province in Umbria. The wine-making regulations stipulate a minimum 60% Grechetto and/or Procanico aka Trebbiano Toscano, meaning Orvieto wines may have little or even no Grechetto (di Orvieto). Other permitted grapes include Drupeggio (Canaiolo Bianco) and Verdello.

Production zone: Provinces of Orvieto, Terni and Latina.

Wine style: Orvieto ‘used to mean golden, more or less sweet wine, highly charged, then gently oxidized, laboriously fermented dry, then resweetened with a dried-grape passito to be abboccato, memorably deep and velvety, probably nobe too stable, like Frascati, a poor traveller. Modern Orvieto should still have a hint of honey to be true to type,’ (Hugh Johnson: Wine Companion: 1991, p.345).


No certificationTenuta Col Falco.