Orvieto DOC is a white wine centred on the town of Orvieto in the province of Terni in the south-western corner of Umbria, extending south into Viterbo province of Lazio and north to the border between Terni and the province of Perugia. It is known for its white wines whose regulations stipulate a minimum 60% Grechetto and/or Procanico aka Trebbiano Toscano, meaning Orvieto wines may have little or even no Grechetto (di Orvieto). Other permitted grapes include Drupeggio (Canaiolo Bianco) and Verdello.

Wine style: Orvieto ‘used to mean golden, more or less sweet wine, highly charged, then gently oxidized, laboriously fermented dry, then resweetened with a dried-grape passito to be abboccato, memorably deep and velvety, probably nobe too stable, like Frascati, a poor traveller. Modern Orvieto should still have a hint of honey to be true to type,’ (Hugh Johnson: Wine Companion: 1991, p.345).


Vino Orvieto DOC Secco

Vino Orvieto DOC Abboccato

Vino Orvieto DOC Amabile

Vino Orvieto DOC Dolce

Vino Orvieto DOC Superiore & Vendemmia Tardiva

Vino Orvieto DOC Muffa Nobile


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