Trebbiano Toscano, Italy’s most widely planted white variety. In France it is called Ugni Blanc.

Origin: Undeniably Italian, Trebbiano Toscano has a parent-offspring relationship with Garganega. Important to note also, it was used to create Vidal, one of the most commercially successfully hybrids famous for its role in the production of many Canadian ice wines.

WinesTuscany: Elba DOC Bianco. | Montecucco DOC. | Sant’Antimo DOC. | Vin Santo DOC (various). | Veneto: Bianco di Custoza DOC. | Colli Euganei DOC. | Gambellara DOC. | Lugana DOC. | Other Plantings can also be found in Le Marche and Umbria.

Viticulture: Late-budding and warmth-loving, Trebbiano Toscano has high adaptability and productivity, which accounts for its popularity in Italy and elsewhere.

Wine style: Trebbiano Toscano is reputed for its high acidity. It lends backbone to many blends and thus plays a crucial role in the production of vin santo. Dry wines typically smell of lemon and chamomile and are marked by racy acidity. Old vines may give more concentrated wines but the aroma spectrum and texture of Trebbiano Toscano wines are rather limited.

Specific styles: Still wine rules. Both dry and sweet passito are equally important. For vin santo, he most important blending partner is Malvasia Bianca Lunga.


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