Grechetto | Grechetto refers not to a single variety but to two unrelated varieties, Grechetto di Orvieto and Grechetto di Todi (aka Pignoletto), which are often blended together. Like Greco (sic) and a number of other varieties, its name stems from the fame of ‘Greek’ wines in ancient Rome. Rather than simply Grechetto, more precisely, it should be referred to as Grechetto di Orvieto as Grechetto di Todi is a completely unrelated variety. Grechetto di Orvieto is most likely related to one of the Trebbianos.

Wine styles | Still dry white wine, often a blend of Grechetto di Orvieto and Todi. The production of late-harvest noble rot sweet wines was also a tradition in Orvieto.

Wines from Italy | Emilia-Romagna: Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto DOCG. | Umbria: Colli Martani DOC. Orvieto DOC. Lazio: Plantings are also found in Lazio.

Wine style | Quaffable citrusy wines with lively acidity. White blossoms, green apple and pear notes.


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