Isola dei Nuraghi IGT is a denomination for wines made on the Italian island of Sardinia (‘Sardegna’). The name means ‘the island of the Nuraghi’, ‘nuraghi‘ being the prehistoric round stone towers found around the island. See also the Nuragus grape variety. It is the main IGT title used on the island. Wines are mainly red but can be white or pink (‘rosato) too. The names of Sardinia’s key grape varieties–Cannonau, Carignano, Cagnulari, Giro, Malvasia, Monica, Moscato, Nasco, Nuragus, Semidano and Vermentino cannot appear on the front label to prevent confusion with (higher priced, lower yielding) DOC or DOCG wines whose names include the same names eg. Vermentino di Gallura, Nasco di Cagliari.


No certification: Capichera. | Cantina Arvisionadu