Nasco is a white wine grape native to Italy. Is is found in Sardinia (Sardegna) where it is called Nuscu, Nascu, and Resu.

Where grown: On Sardinia: it grows mainly east of Cagliari and to a lesser extent around Oristano. It is one of Sardinia’s oldest grape varieties and potentially its best. The wine is DOC Nasco di Cagliari (available in sweet, dry, fortified dry, and fortified sweet riserva versions), though there are also about 15 IGT wines that allow use of Nasco. The best Nasco wine by far is the sweet one.

Viticulture: Medium-large bunches and berries. Not that vigorous, it is disease-resistant (except to oidium).

Wine style: Nasco produces good dry and sweet wines. Nasco wines are always characterized by a strong herbal note (rosemary and thyme) and a muskiness that recalls the variety’s name.


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