Girò | Red wine grape found on the island of Sardinia (Sardegna) in Italy. Like many other Sardinian varieties, Girò is most likely a traditional rather than a native grape of Italy, arriving on Sardinian shores during Spain’s domination of the island.

Where grown | Sardegna (Sardinia): it grows around Sassari and the Basso Campidano, in the province of Cagliari, and to a lesser extent near Oristano. The monovarietal DOC wines are Girò di Cagliari (100% Girò). Girò can also be used in roughly fifteen different IGT blends such as: Barbagia, Isola dei Nuraghi, Planargia, Romangia, Trexenta.

Wines | Girò is available in dry, sweet, liquoroso secco (fortified dry) and liquoroso dolce (fortified sweet) forms, but is almost always found in the sweet version.

Wine style | Lovely aromas of candied red cherries, milk chocolate, and plums macerated in alcohol. On the palate it is delicately sweet and spicy, with abundant notes of very ripe red fruit.


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Associated regions and DOPs


c In the vineyard
Medium to medium-large bunches and medium-sized berries. It is not a particu- larly vigorous variety; its productivity is generally good but irregular.

b In the glass


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