Vespaiola, white wine grape native to Italy. It is found in the Veneto region, mainly in Vicenza province and most notably within the Breganze DOC (link below) in one of three styles. Breganze DOC Vespaiolo (sic) is a still dry white, Breganze DOC Spumante is sparkling, and Breganze DOC Torcolato is a sweet white wine.

The vine | The vine takes its name from the ‘vespe’ or wasps which it sweet grapes attracts, especially when the grapes are attacked Botrytis cinerea or rot, ideally of the noble late season form, rather than the ignoble early season form. The bunches are small with medium-sized berries.

Typical flavours | Acacia flowers, pear, yellow citrus. 

Wine producers


Wine regions

Breganze DOC (Veneto).


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