Piculit Neri is a red wine grape native to Italy. Piculit Neri is completely unrelated to Picolit.

Where grown: Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Veneto. Piculit Neri has always been cultivated on the right bank of the Tagliamento River around the town of San Vito near Friuli Venezia Giulia’s western border with Veneto, and even as far as Schio (Vicenza) in Veneto. It is present in several IGT wines (Delle Venezie). 

Viticulture: Small sized bunches with medium-small berries. Vigorous; abundant and reliable productivity; good disease resistance (but it is sensitive to botrytis).

Wine style: Medium bodied, refined and silky tannins. Usually the wines have intense aromas and flavours of underbrush, red currant, and chestnuts, all complicated by sweet spice notes


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