Mantonico Bianco, white wine grape variety grown in the Calabria region of its native Italy. Not to be confused with the similarly named Montonico Bianco of Abruzzo. Mantonico Bianco is versatile and makes good dry white winses and also very good sweet ones, for which it was traditionally renowned. 

Where grown | Calabria Mainly along the lower Ionian (or eastern) coast of Calabria, in Reggio Calabria province, especially around the towns of Bianco, Casignana, Locri, Monasterace and Palazzi. The greatest wines come from Bianco and Casignana. 

DOC wines | Lamezia DOC (85-100%) and Savuto DOC.

The vine | Mantonico Bianco’s bunches are medium-large with medium-sized berries. Vigour is medium-high too, as is productivity. Mantonico Bianco has good disease and drought resistance.   

Wine style | Naturally tannic wines with naturally high acidity. Its sweet wines display dried apricot, papaya, candied ginger and fig notes, similar to but simpler and slightly less refined than Greco Bianco.


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