Greco Bianco, white wine grape variety found in Italy from which is made Greco di Bianco DOC (sic), a honeyed, air-dried white wine from Calabria.

Also known as Greco di Gerace, Greco Bianco has been proven to be the same grape as Malvasia di Lipari, Malvasia di Sardegna, and other Malvasia-named grapes–despite the grape varieties in question having very different morphologic appearances and giving very different wines, making it difficult for many to accept that they truly are one and the same grape (despite what DNA testing shows).

Additional confusion stems from the fact that Italy’s National Registry has not yet recognized this relationship and still maintains a separate entry for Malvasia di Lipari (perhaps not unreasonably, given that the two grapes and wines have almost nothing in common).

Greco Bianco di Cirò is not the same as Greco Bianco, but rather the same as another Calabrian variety, called Guardavalle, as are Greco Bianco di Lamezia Terme and Greco Bianco di Donnici. Another imposter, Greco Bianco di Rogliano (sometimes called Greco Bianco di Cosenza) is actually the grape called Pecorello. Lastly, Greco Bianco del Pollino is identical to Montonico Bianco.

Synonyms | Greco di Gerace.


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