Mandrolisai DOC is a denomination dating from 1981 for still pink and red wines from the west central part of the Italian island of Sardinia (Sardegna). Dating from 1982, the wine comes in three forms: Rosato (pink), Rosso (red) and Rosso Superiore. It is made from a blend of Bovale Sardo (35% min.), Cannonau (20-35%), Monica (20-35%) and other permitted varieties (0-10%).

The name: Mandrolisai is ‘a section of the barren Barbagia hills of central Sardina between the Gennargentu mountains and Lake Omodeo, including Sorgono and five other communes (‘comuni’) in Nuoro province, and Samugheo in Oristano,’ (Burton Anderson: 1990, p.292-3). The wine is mostly for early drinking (Burton Anderson: 1990, p.292).