Bovale Sardo, red wine grape variety found on the Italian island of Sardegna (‘Sardinia’), mainly around Cagliari. Some studies suggest Bovale Sardo may be the same as Spain’s Graciano but this needs verification.

Other names: Bovaleddu (Sardinia), a distinct biotype of Bovale Sardo. | Cardinissia (Sardinia).

Viticulture: Thrives on sandy soils. Compact bunch (risk of Botrytis cinerea). Low yields.

Wine style: Bovale Sardo wines are mostly dry, still, deeply-coloured, with medium-high acidity, and good ageing potential.  Bovale adds colour, structure and acidity when blended, eg. with Cannonau, Carignano and Monica. Bovale’s tannins are ‘chunky’ according to Dr Ian D’Agata (in NY on Monday 26th June 2017), and the wines can be reductive.

Wines: Campidano di Terralba DOC (Sardegna). | Mandrolisai DOC (Sardegna). 


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