Montonico Bianco is a white wine grape variety native to Italy. It is identical to Greco Bianco del Pollino. It is saddled with a confusing name, as there are many different Mantonicos (with an a as the second letter instead of an o) and other Montonicos as well.

Where grown: Abruzzo, Marche, Puglia: it grows mainly around Bisenti near Teramo (Montonico di Bisenti and Poggio delle Rose of Abruzzo), in Foggia, in Bari (Puglia), and in the southeastern part of Calabria. The monovarietal versions are rare because it usually just gets blended into other wines.

Viticulture: Highly productive. Extremely large bunches with medium-sized berries make it hard to ripen properly.

Wine style: Delicately spicy and fruity; hints of acacia flowers, aniseed, and fresh herbs, with a slightly tannic, astringent mouthfeel and always plenty of refreshing acidity.


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