Domaine de la Pinte | Estate winery in the Jura region of France with Biodynamic certification since 2010.

Owner | The Martin family (Roger Martin created the domaine in 1954 I think; his son Pierre now runs it).

Staff | Manager: Bruno Ciofi (worked for Jean-Pierre Frick 1995-2008). | Régisseur: Philippe Chatillon.

Vineyards | 30ha of land of which 35ha under vine in 2012 (was 26ha in 2003). 50% Savagnin. 20ha in one block; then two separate 5ha blocks in other spots (un hillot). 50% Savagnin, Chardonnay (3ha), Pinot Noir (2ha), Trousseau (1ha) and Poulsard. Guyot double. 6,000 vines|ha spaced 1.5 metres rows x 0.90-1.00 metres vines.

Biodynamics | 2000 In 2000 to counter Downy Mildew isotherapy was trialled with advice from M Moureau of Burgundy Conseil. | 2001 In 2001 no copper was sprayed. | 2002 In 2002 a small amount of copper was sprayed at the end of the season. | 2003 In 2003 one isotherapy treatment was used. |In 2003 the estate was developing their own compost from manure but were still using organic fertilisers (‘bouchons’). | 2012 At Millésime Bio 2012 Bruno Ciofi told me Biodynamic compost was being made in Andlau from organic cow manure and the Biodynamic compost preparations 502-507. MT is sprayed on the soil in autumn. 500P is sprayed twice in spring. 501 is sprayed just before flowering. 501 may also be sprayed before harvest (in 2010, but not in 2009). | 2011 In 2011 501 was sprayed post harvest.

Certification | 2000 Organic conversion began 30th August 2000 (Agence Bio). | 1999 26ha (C1) Ecocert. | 2002 25ha. First vintage with full organic certification (Ecocert). | 2006 26ha (organic), plus 3ha (C2). |  2009 29ha (BD1) Demeter. | 2010 First vintage with Demeter Biodynamic certification. | 2012 Certified Biodynamic by both Demeter France and the SIVCBD (‘BiodyVin’). | 2016 Still Certified Biodynamic by both Demeter France and the SIVCBD.

White wines

Arbois Blanc AOC | 1998 Savagnin. Good example, acetaldehyde at Millésime Bio, Narbonne, 13-15th January 2003. | 2005 Savagnin. 5.5 years in foudres. No lees stirring. Topped up (‘ouillé’). 12,000 bottles. Very good, lovely smooth smokey smells, sherry at Millésime Bio 2012.

Arbois-Pupillin Blanc AOC | 2000 2000 Decent width, clean at Millésime Bio, Narbonne, 13-15th January 2003.

Red wines

Arbois Rouge AOC | 2000 Poulsard. Grenat rosé, ripe, good acidity at Millésime Bio 2003.

Arbois Rouge AOC, A La Capitaine | 2009 57% Pinot Noir, 39.5% Poulsard, 3.5% Trousseau.

Arbois Rouge AOC, Del Ami Karl | 2010 8,000 bottles. Nice sap at Millésime Bio 2012.

Arbois Rouge AOC, Terre Rouge | From ‘marnes rouges du Trias’ (red Triassic marl). | 2000 Poulsard, Pinot Noir, Trousseau. 9,000 bottles. Light grenat rosé, not bad, animal and leather, some signs of chaptalisation it seems at Millésime Bio 2003.

Vin Jaune

Vin Jaune AOC | NV 7 years en fûts. Good manzanilla style, good depth and typicity, well made, warm finish at Millésime Bio, Narbonne, 13-15th January 2003. | 2004 Nice and deep at Millésime Bio 2012.

Macvin du Jura

Macvin du Jura | NV 17%. Good example, acetaldehyde, moderate sweetness, clean and quite intense at Millésime Bio 2003.


Domaine de la Pinte

Route de Lyon, F-39600 Arbois (Jura), France

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Phone call with Philippe Chatillon on Wednesday afternoon 17th December 2003.