Biodynamic compost 502-507 | This is a fundamental part of Biodynamics. To compost means to bring things together, from the Latin composites or ‘placed together’. The basic aim of composting is to recycle dead organic plant matter so that it can be used on the land to beget new life. Compost is thus a barometer of farm health.

François Bouchet once told me ‘it is better to make your own compost; but not just by letting a pile of animal manure decompose. Making your own compost forces you to render yourself completely into Biodynamics. Most of the collectively made compost I have seen [in Alsace in the mid- to late 1990s] is useless.’


Bruno Follador, June 2014, ‘Compost as a free deed, Being and Becoming’, Star and Furrow (Journal of the Biodynamic Agricultural Association UK), 121 June 2014, p42-45