Canina Nera, native Italian red wine grape often wrongly described as being identical to Fortana.

Where grown | Emilia Romagna: Canina Nera was the most widespread variety in Romagna until the end of 1800s. Currently, Canina Nera is grown only in Emilia Romagna mainly around the towns of Russi, Santa Alberta, Bagnacavallo, Faenza, Cotignola, Lugo, and Castel Bolognese. It is included among the authorized varieties in a number of IGT wines such as: Emilia, Ravenna, and Rubicone. It is not easy to taste a pure example, as Canina Nera is almost always blended with other varieties such as Ancellotta and Marzemino.

Viticulture | Canina Nera has medium-large, pyramidal, long bunches and round berries of varying sizes within the same bunch.

Wine style | Red hue, almost like a rosato. Aromas of pomegranate, black fruits, and wet earth.


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