Marzemino | Red wine grape native to Italy which the composer Mozart greatly admired.

Family history | Marzemino is proven to be an off-spring of Teroldego and a parent of Marzemina Bianca and Refosco del Peduncolo Rosso.

In Italy | Marzemino is found in many varietal wines in Trentino and Lombardy, but elsewhere in Italy it is mostly found in blends. In Trentino it is mostly planted around the area of Vallagarina and the towns of Rovereto and era; Ziresi is a well-recognized grand cru site. 

Where grownAbruzzo: Marginal plantings. | Emilia-Romagna: Marginal plantings. | Lombardy: Garda DOC. | Trentino: Trentino DOC Isera Marzemino Superiore. | Trentino DOC Marzemino.

Preferred terroir | Marzemino thrives on alluvial soil in ventilated sites.

Wine style | Medium body, lively acidity. Red fruit. Hints of dried sage, almond, and a slightly bitter finish.

Wines | Vallagarina DOC.


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