BIANCAVIGNA, estate winery located in the township (‘comune’) of Conegliano in the province of Treviso in the Veneto region of north-east Italy. The wines are bottled under either the Prosecco DOC or the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG.

OWNER | Founded 2004 by siblings Elena (Degree in business, economics. Worked for international companies) and Enrico Moschetta (oen). Their grandfather Genesio planted the vines in Rive di Soligo. Genesio’s son Luigi succeeded him. Luigi was succeeded by his own children, Elena and Enrico. The latter sold their grapes to the co-op until deciding to build their own winery. Elena’s husband Luca Cuzziol takes care of the business side.

VINEYARDS2017 30ha of vines (600,000 bottles) in a single area called Rive di Soligo. Steep hills. 400 metres. Half in Prosecco DOC area (chalky soils) and 200m from the hills where their other half is in the Valdobbiadene DOCG area (rocky soils).

SINGLE VINEYARDS : In Conegliano: Campolongo, Monticella, Ogliano. | In Susegana: Crevada, Collato. / In San Pietro di Feletto: Vigna di San Michele. | In Farra di Soligo: Soligo, Vigna di San Gallo. | In Pieve di Soligo: Busa Schiratti, Fornaci. | In Sernagalia della Battaglia: Borgo Breda.

CERTIFICATION | 2017 The owners began converting 3ha of their own vineyards to organics with the aim of full certified organic status for the 2020 vintage

WINERY, WINEMAKING | The winery in Ogliano was inaugurated 2015 and was constructed with sustainable materials, affording it ‘Casa Prima Wine’ sustainable certification. Packaging materials are also certified sustainable. “It cost half a million euros to buy the winemaking equipment to make the still base wines, and another 1 million euros for the equipment to allow secondary fermentation in pressurised tanks,” Elena explained at the consorzio in Treviso on Sat 10th June 2017. She added that they ,”aimed for a longer than normal second fermentation, allowing the wine to remain more than 2 months on the lees. This produces a wine with more longevity once bottled.”

SALES | 2017: Elena said “we are a small-medium company. 60% exported overall to 50 markets, the main ones being the USA (Skurnik), the UK and Australia. In Italy we have access to good Michelin restaurants and 4 Seasons.”


PROSECCO DOC SPUMANTE BRUT | NV (2015) 11.5% L733. 2015 was a hot, drought year. Rained end of August luckily. 45 days on lees. Over 3 atmospheres of pressure. Creamy icing sugar with acid and sweetness at end at the winery Sunday 11 June 2017.


CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG PROSECCO SUPERIORE MILLESIMATO BRUT | 2016 7-8g/l. 6.2 acid. 3.1 phH. 90 days in ‘autoclave’.

CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG PROSECCO SUPERIORE MILLESIMATO BRUT RIVE DI SOLIGO / From the San Gallo hill or rive called Rive di Soligo. Rocky soil. 400 metres. 70% slope. Steep. Terrace. Her grandfather Genesio planted this. Creamier, more bodied, structured wines. Warmer nights. | 2014 4g/l. 7K. Bit icing sugar. Bit oxidised at the winery Sunday 11 June 2017. | 2015 4g/l 8-9K. Ripe year. Crisp, appley at the winery Sunday 11 June 2017. / 2016 98% Glera, 2% Verdiso and Perera. 2g/l. 8K. Just bottled. Very nice weight, sweetness at the winery Sunday 11 June 2017. Slightly sweet-tasting again at Collisioni 17th July 2017.

CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG PROSECCO SUPERIORE MILLESIMATO BRUT NATURE, RIVE DI OGLIANO | 100% Glera. From estate-owned vineyards located in Ogliano. Soil: clayey, sub-alkaline and rocky-clay. | 2015 11.5% Rive di Ogliano brut Superiore. 4m on the lees.

CONEGLIANO VALDOBBIADENE DOCG PROSECCO SUPERIORE MILLESIMATO BRUT BIOLOGICO | 2015 7,000 bottles. Made from bought-in organic grapes (from Soligo and Valdobiaddene). Fresh and fruity at the winery Sunday 11 June 2017. | 2016 15,000 bottles.


Olives were planted here in the past. Very delicate oil from here.




Visit 11th June 2017. 


BiancaVigna SS Agricola

Via Montenero 8/c

I-31015 Conegliano (TV = Treviso), Italy

Tel+39 0438.788403