Weingut Fuchs-Jacobus is located in the Nahe region where it is one of Germany‘s pioneering Biodynamic (Demeter-certified) estate wineries (along with Rudolf Trossen).

Owner: Marlene and Wilfried Jacobus.

Background: Steyert, a village in the Nahe region near Schweppenhausen, was first documented in 1331. The Steyert´s court seal and the connected jurisdiction suggest that the village was of great importance in the area. What is left of the ancient times are just a few names of open fields, vineyards and other places written down in the land register of Schweppenhausen. One of those places with ancient names is the ‘Steyerberg’, the hill on which this wine estate is situated. Schweppenhausen was first documented in 1125, and records of winemaking there date to the late Middle Ages. In 1979 Marlene and Wilfried Jacobus bought land on the Steyerberg whose steep and thus labour-intensive terrain was increasingly being abandoned by local wine growers. 

Certification: 1992 Demeter-certified Biodynamic since 1992. | 2016 Still Demeter certified Biodynamic.

Estate vineyards: 15-ha. Biggest biodynamic vineyard in Germany working on mainly steep slopes. Pinot gris, Silvaner, Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Regent and Pinot noir.

Biodynamics: Make their own Horn manure 500 and Horn silica 501.


Weingut Fuchs-Jacobus

Hof Steyert

D-55444 Schweppenhausen, Germany

Tel:+49 (0)6724 60970 | Website: www.weingut-fuchs-jacobus.de