Vitovska | White wine grape native to Slovenia. The vine is also grown in Italy.

Where grown in ItalyFriuli-Venezia Giulia: It is predominantly found in Friuli Carso. Monovarietal vitovska wines are inside of the DOC Carso (or Carso-Kras). It is grown only in the Friuli Carso, that barren mass of ferrous-rich red rocks that are nutrient poor and help produce no-frills wines of incredible minerality.

The vine | Large sized bunches, with medium berries.

Viticulture | Sufficiently balanced vigour; very good production and good disease resistance.

Wine style | Lemony, pear, sage, and chlorophyll aromas and flavours. Lightweight wine with an high-acid frame, and a zippy minerality.

Other names | Italy: Gargania. | Vitouska. | Slovenia: Vitovska Grganja. | Garganja.


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