Uvalino is a Very rare (almost extinct) red wine grape native to Italy.

Where grown: In Piemonte it only grows in the Astigiano and mainly around Costigliole d’Asti. The only wine produced with Uvalino is inside the DOC Monferrato Rosso.

Viticulture: Medium sized bunches; medium-small berries with tick skins. Very resistant and rustic, it is a very late ripening variety.

Wine style: Uvalino yields high-acid, brutally tannic wines that are quite a mouthful (it was mainly added to other wines to supply backbone and power). In order to give good results, the grapes have to be air-dried. The wine is normally deeply hued, with aromas of sweet spices and blackberries and an amazingly high-acid, tannic mouthfeel but with enough bright, small dark-berry fruit flavours.


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