Timorasso | White wine grape native to Italy. It was once the most commonly grown white grape (along with Cortese) in Piemonte (Piedmont) but it was abandoned due to viticultural challenges. Walter Massa is credited with resurrecting Timorasso starting in the 1980s, and today (2018) there are over thirty producers. It is regarded as one of Italy’s exciting up and coming whites.

Wine style | Timorasso is characterized by intense and persistent herbal and minerally notes along with high piercing acid. It is medium to full in body with a tendency toward higher alcohol. Youthful examples demonstrate white flowers, subtle stone fruit and lemon nuances. Timorasso can produce age-worthy wines that take on diesel notes with time and may be reminiscent of a dry German Riesling.

Where grown in Italy | Piemonte (Piedmont): Colli Tortonesi DOC. | Lombardia (Lombardy): A few plantings.

Viticulture | Timorasso is a late ripening grape. Bunches yield berries of different sizes that ripen unevenly. Additional problems include coulure. Thin skin renders it susceptible to grey rot.

Wine styles | Most Timorasso wines are dry and still.


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