Semidano is a white wine grape native to Italy. It is also known locally as Mizu and Migiu. It is little known and there are few wines made with it.

Where grown: Sardegna: it is rare, mainly planted around Cagliari. The DOC wine is Sardegna Semidano, and the Mogoro subzone is the best. Can also be made as spumante (sparkling) and passito (air-dried and sweet) versions.

Viticulture: Medium sized bunches and berries. Average vigour. Disease sensitive. Greatly variable yields from year to year.

Wine style: It is usually blended with Nuragus to add elegance and refinement. As a monovarietal, it is a beautifully graceful, lightly aromatic wine of real refinement, redolent of tangerine, apricot, and strong mineral notes.


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