Saint-Aignan is a commune in the Fronsadais on the right bank of the Bordeaux region whose wines are entitled to the Fronsac AOC. Its limestone plateau reaches 88 metres, near Château Jeandeman (see link below) and the lieux-dits of Escotebise and Les Tonnelles. Beneath the limestone lies Molasse du Fronsadais, here slightly clayey. There is evidence of Gallo-Roman settlements here, not all of which have been excavated. Relics have aldo been found from the Merovingian dynasty under the ruling family of the Franks from the mid-5th century until 751).

Vineyards: Around 200ha of vines (the commune only has 275ha of land in total). The highest point is close to 80 metres, hence the presence of several ageing windmills.

Wineries: Château Castagnac. | Château Chadenne. | Château Hauchat. | Château Jeandeman. | Château Lambert. | Château Le Bosquet. | Château Les Roches de Ferrand. | Château Moulin des Tonnelles. | Château Moulin d’Houchat. | Château Plain Point. | Château Saint-Cric Les Tonnelles. | Château Vincent (Saint-Aignan). | Château Tasta. | Château Tour Saint Cric. | Château Vieux Richotey. | Château Vincent. | Château Vray Houchat. | Domaine de Vincent.