Récoltant-manupilant, term used in the Champagne region for an estate wine-grower, one who grows the grapes for his/her harvest (récolte in French) and who then transforms (manipulates) it into wine. Michel Bettane (2004) says the traditional term for such wines was ‘petit Champagne de petit propriétaire’ or ‘minor’ or ‘small-scale Champagne from small-scale growers.’ When tasting at his winery on 12 November 2001 Anselme Selosse, one of Champagne’s most free-spirited producers told me ‘I am a viticulteur, not a “manipulant” – I don’t manipulate anything.’


Michel Bettane, ‘Growers’ Champagne’, World of Fine Wine 3 2004 p.109.