Champagne region:

Organic & Biodynamic Associations: Association Champagnes Biologiques (Association of organic Champagne houses).

Organic & Biodynamic wine production data: See here.

Converting to Organics or Biodynamics in Champagne: The conversion to organic farming corresponds to the transition phase to certification in organic farming. Concerning the production of the grapes, it is the fourth harvest taking place after the commitment of the wine estate to a certifying body, which will be certified organic farming (AB). Champagne AOC wines require a minimum of 24 months years of winemaking. This means that producing a certified organic or Biodynamic Champagne takes at least six years.

Sub-regions: Côte de Sézanne.


Still wines: Bouzy Rouge AOC. | Coteaux Champenois AOC. | Rosé de Riceys AOC.

Sparkling wines: Champagne AOC.