Prié Rouge, red wine grape native to Italy. Though the official name of this variety in the National Registry is Prié Rouge, 202 everyone in Italy calls it Premetta. Its name derives from the Italian words prima or primaticcia, meaning “before” or “early”, referring to the grape’s early ripening (the same applies to Primitivo and other similarly named varieties). The correct name should be Primetta; it is the result of a natural crossing between Prié Blanc and an unknown other parent.

Where grown: Valle d’Aosta: today fairly rare, it is located in a few hectares mainly around Saint-Pierre, Aymavilles, Saint-Denis, and Quart.

Viticulture: Large bunches; with medium-sized round berries with thin skins. It is very produc- tive and mercifully early ripening, given the alpine climate it lives in. Fortunately, it tolerates cold weather well (vineyards up to 800 mt. above sea level).

Wine style: Dark pink colour with garnet-amber tinges. Intense aromas and flavours of roses, red currants, and strawberries, with light tannins and low acidity.

Wines Valle d’Aosta DOC Prëmetta.