Pampanuto is a white wine grape native to Italy. Also known as Pampanino and Rizzulo.

Where grown: Puglia: it is now found mainly in northern and central Puglia. Monovarietal bot- tlings are extremely rare; given that Pampanuto is a low-acid variety, it is usually blended with Bombino Bianco (a variety with a high level of acidity) in the DOC wines Castel del Monte. It is present in other IGT wines including Daunia, Murgia, Puglia, and Valle d’Itria. 

Viticulture: Medium sized bunches and berries; it is a good and dependable producer, with a good disease reistance and a copious production of juice.

Wine style: Light, delicate wines that tend to oxidize. Depending on the vinification techniques the wines can be characterized by herbal aromas and flavours (sage and basil, with green apple notes), rather than ripe tropical-fruit flavors (mango, banana, guava).


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