Olivella Nera is a red wine grape native to Italy. It is one of many grapes in Italy named for their olive (‘oliva’) shape. It is grown in the Campania and Lazio regions.

Where grown: In Lazio it is allowed only in Lazio IGT wines such as Colli Cimini, Frusinate, Civitella d’Agliano, and Lazio. In Campania it is probably used unknowingly in the area of Vesuvius (in the DOC Lacryma Christi blends, DOC Ischia Rosso, and DOC Penisola Sorrentina).

Viticulture: Small loosely packed bunches and small berries. It is sensitive to peronospora, extremely vigorous, but the productivity is low.

Wine style: Olivella Nera is fresh and fruity, with bright red berry and delicate herbal flavours and a saline twist at the back.


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