Nussberg | Vineyard site in the Wien (Vienna) region of Austria. It is separated by the Danube river from the Bisamberg.

Terroir | Steep south-facing slopes (MacDonogh 1997, p11). Fritz Wieninger of Weingut Wieninger says ‘the soils of the Nussberg feature primarily shell limestone and weathered limestone soils with a subsoil of solid limestone rocks. Some of these rocks extend up to the surface. The limestone content is extremely high. The clay content of the Nussberg is distinctly higher than that of the Bisamberg. Nussberg has less wind, sun, and rain compared to the Bisamberg. Nussberg’s heavy soil with a high limestone content give wines with a creamy texture, darker fruit tones, and moderate acidity.’

Wineries | Kattus. | Mayer am Pfarrplatz. | Weingut Wieninger.


Giles MacDonogh, Austria, New Wines from the Old World (Osterreichischer Agrarverlag, 1997).