Moscato Rosa | A red grape variety, a member of the Moscato family–group of grape varieties. Its Italian name is often taken to mean ‘pink Muscat’, but the wine is deep garnet in colour and ‘rosa’ in this case indicates  the wine smells intensely of red roses.

Family relationships | A proven parent-offspring relationship with Moscato Bianco also means Moscato Rosa is related to Moscato di Scanzo, Moscato Giallo, and Moscato di Alessandria.

Wines | Wines made from Moscato Rosa can be found in scattered dominations around northeastern Italy. | Alto Adige DOC Moscato Rosa DOC. | Isonzo del Friuli DOC Moscato Rosa. | Trentino DOC Moscato Rosa.

Wine styles | Moscato Rosa is typically made in a very sweet style from passito grapes, a more delicate style of sweet wine can be obtained from late harvested grapes. Regardless, the wines are always “good enough to eat” with floral yet fruity aromas and flavors of rose, red cherry, strawberry jelly, and raspberry, that meld with notes of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. While called Rosenmuskateller in Alto Adige, it should not be referred to as Moscato Rosa del Trentino, rather just simply Moscato Rosa. Another category to avoid if searching out true Moscato Rosa concerns wines labelled “pink Muscat.” Made outside Italy, these are typically made with Moscato Bianco with a small amounts of juice from red berries added for colour.


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