Moscato family & group | While not all Moscato-named varieties have a relationship with one another, many have been proven to be related, therefore making Moscato more of a family (as opposed to a group) of grape varieties. Moscato (or Muscat, in English) shows itself in a range of skin colors, from yellow to pink to rosy red and even some which border on a deep garnet. A common thread shared by this family, and perhaps its most recognizable trait, is a distinct aromatic quality, often not surprisingly called a “muscat” aroma. Three terpenes (aromatic molecules) can be found in the variety: linalool, geraniol and nerol cause the aromas of orange blossom, pineapple, honey, sage, and rose that are typical of this sweet-smelling family.

Family & group members | White: Moscato Bianco. | Moscato di Alessandria (Zibibbo). | Moscato Giallo. |
Red: Moscato di Scanzo. | Moscato Rosa. | Other Family Members: Moscato di Terracina (w). | Moscato Nero di Acqui (r). Moscato Selvatico.


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