Malbo Gentile | Red wine grape native to Italy. It looks and behaves very much like a wild grapevine.

Where grown | Emilia Romagna: it grows almost everywhere in Emilia-Romagna, often in sporadic plots, in the provinces of Piacenza, Modena, Reggio Emilia, and Forlì-Cesena.

Wine styles | Monovarietal wines are more common in Romagna. Malbo Gentile features in Colli di Scandiano e Canossa DOC (a sparkling version is allowed) and in Ravenna Rosso IGT.  Malbo Gentile is also used in various Lambrusco blends.

Viticulture | Malbo Gentile has large, loosely packed bunches, and medium-small, round, dark berries. Various different biotypes of Malbo Gentile exist, with diverse characteristics.

Wine style | Very dark, tannic wines. Blackberry aromas and flavours are typical. Well made examples are smooth and mouth-coating. 


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