Macerata is a province in the Marche region of Italy. See also Macerata (the town).

Terroir | Burton Anderson (1990, p173) says the production zone is less than 12.4 miles (20km) south-east of Matelica (see Verdicchio di Matelica) along the Chienti [sic] hills that were once renowned for wine. Burton Anderson (1990, p177) describes the province of Macerata as climbing ‘from a narrow strip of coast to a large chunk of Apennines, on whose foothills, almost concealed from the prying eyes of wine buffs, lie the vineyards of the scarce Verdicchio di Matelica and the almost obsolete Vernacchia di Serrapetrona. Macerata’s short wine list takes in the unheralded Bianco dei Colli Maceratesi [a Trebbiano-based white] and a share of Rosso Piceno [a Sangioves-based white].’

Townships | Apiro. | Camerino. | Castelraimondo. | Cingoli. | Cerreto d’Esi. | Esanatoglia. | Fabriano. | Gagliole. | Matelica. | Pioraco.| Poggio San Vicino.

Wine regions | Colli Macerateresi DOC. | Rosso Piceno DOC. | Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC and Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico DOC Superiore. | Verdicchio di Matelica DOC. | Vernacchia di Serrapetrona DOC


Burton Anderson, The Wine Atlas of Italy, Mitchell Beazley, 1990 p171-179.