LE MORETTE is an estate located in the Lugana DOC region of north-east Italy. It  was founded by Gino Zenato over 60 years ago, who originally produced just vine budwood, but later created a side business selling estate wines. In 1981 his son Valerio took over and launched the company towards quality winemaking production. The third generation of winemakers is represented by Fabio and Paolo. See Azienda Vinicola Zenato for another branch of Gino Zenato’s family.


Le Morette Lugana, Az. Agr. Valerio Zenato, Viale Indipendenza 19 D, I-37019 Peschiera d.G. (VR = Verona), Italy / Tel+39 045 7552724


Visit on 03rd March 2016.