Gols ia a town in Wagram (formerly Donauland), in the north of the Neusiedlersee Seewinkel area of Burgenland, along Austria’s extreme eastern border with Hungary. The interaction of influences between the Parndorf heath to the north, the Seewinkel in the south, the heath land in the west and Neusiedlersee (Lake Neusiedl) in the east, results in a delicate microclimate which produces excellent wines. The presence nearby of the vast, shallow Neusiedlersee lake in particular tempers extremes both of summer heat and winter cold. Giles MacDonogh (1992, p.86) says the wines from Gols ‘are most likely to be sturdy reds and dry whites’, adding that this ‘largely Protestant town, and ugly, swollen village with drab facades…ranks with Langenlois as Austria’s greatest wine producing commune.’


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Giles MacDonogh, The Wine & Food of Austria (Mitchell Beazley, 1992)