DOMAINE DES SAVARINES is a Biodynamic winery in the Cahors AOC region of South West France.

OWNER | Rosie Kindersley and Eric Treuille.

BACKGROUND | The first vines were planted in 1970 by Danièle Biesbrouck, a riding school teacher from the north of France. From 1989 Danièle was aided by Jean-Marie Borde. In 2003 Danièle Biesbrouck bought a house five miles away having sold Domaine des Savarines to Rosie Kindersley (of Dorling Kindersley publishing family) and Eric Treuille. The couple also own the Books for Cooks shop in London, plus an organic butchers in London’s Notting Hill.

VINEYARDS | 2013 Domaine des Savarines is situated on an arid, chalky plateau (‘les causses’) known as Quercy Blanc above the river Lot, in South West France. There are seven vineyard parcels comprising 4.5 hectares (11.1 acres) set in 20 hectares (49.4 acres) of wild oak woodland and steep, stony garrigue. The grape varieties are 20% Merlot (planted 1991, on SO4, 41B and Riparia) and 80% Malbec, known also as Cot or Auxérrois (planted from 1987, on SO4, 41B and Riparia rootstocks). The soil type is limestone and marl. Under Biesbrouck both Cabernet Franc (planted 1994, on SO4, 41B and Riparia) and Mauzac (planted 1994 on 41B, Fercal and Riparia, gobelet pruned) were also grown.

BIODYNAMICS | 2009 ‘We do not make any preparations yet but buy them from Jacques Mell. We dynamise mechanically in an wooden half-barrel, about 100 litres at the time. We do not have animals on the estate (yet, working on it). We make our own compost with no added preparations, just stinging nettle. We dry a few different types of plants for teas, the main ones are stinging nettle and chamomile. We have been replanting and restoring the vines, planting a lot of fruit trees, to increase the diversity and building new winemaking facilities to work the fruit with more respect,’ says Eric by email in March 2009.

CERTIFICATION | 1991 The first vintage with full Demeter Biodynamic certification. / 2003 New owners. / 2017 Still Demeter certified Biodynamic.

WINERY | The current owners built a new chai.


CAHORS AOC, DOMAINE DES SAVARINES | Malbec, Merlot. / 2003 Eric and Rosie’s first harvest was a very hot, difficult year. / 2004 Eric and Rosie’s first vintage in bottle was a classic Savarines.


Domaine des Savarines, Les Savarines, F-46090 Trespoux-Rassiels (Lot), France / Tel+33 (0) /


Visit: Monty: Saturday 4th April 1998, hosted by Danièle Biesbrouck.