Serving Champagne: Parisian sommeliers are said to have been the forerunners of decanting Champagne, deeming it a way to enhance the sweetness of demi-sec Champagne by eradicating and taming the largest and most aggressive bubbles respectively, says Tom Stevenson (2011, p.94). He adds this means the most suitable Champagnes to decant are younger, cheaper, non-vintage cuvées, but even top cuvées may benefit from decanting. Decanting cannot replace longer post-degorgement [disgorgement] ageing, but it can be a quick fix worth trying, Stevenson says, adding that ‘one almost paradoxical effect I have noticed about decanting Champagne is its ability to freshen more oxidative styles.’ See Champagne.


Tom Stevenson, ‘Decanting Champagne’, Decanter Sept 2011 p.94.