Canalicchio | A highly regarded area of Montalcino, located just north of the town.

Terroir | Enzo Tiezzi (see Tiezzi) told me (09 April 2015) ‘the soils here are sedimentary, alluvial, rich in sand and rich in pietrisco [rubble], meaning stony alluvial wash or sediments) and the wines are elegant, and show finesse rather than huge structure–follow the links to Val di Suga, and Canalicchio di Sopra-Ripaccioli for more of his comments. Paolo Vagaggini (16 April 2015) told me he felt ‘Canalicchio is a classic zona nord [northern zone]. The soil is very clay-rich, compact, and saline. The Paulsen (775 and 1103) and FerCal rootstocks are good choices here. Canalicchio provides a marked day (hot) night (cool) temperature variation giving perfumed wines with elegant tannins. However, success is not automatic. Canalicchio’s autumn fogs risk provoking bunch rot on berries in overly compacted clusters, a result of pushing yields to excess.’


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