775 Paulsen | A Berlandieri x rupestris hybrid obtained by Paulsen in Palermo, Sicily in 1894 and which is used as a rootstock. Dr Ian D’Agata (2014, p42) says 775 Paulsen is suited to Sangiovese planted on clay ‘as it reduces the tannic weight of the wines.’ See the Sassodisole winery in Montalcino for an example.

The cuttings of 775 P are said to root and graft fairly well. In fertile soil it may provoke excess vigour, accompanied by a poor fruit set. 775 P accommodates itself well to soils which become dry and compact during summer, and also tolerates stagnant water in the soil. It can support up to 17 per cent active lime. Paulsen 775 is considered to be the best rootstock obtained by Paulsen.

Other V. Berlandieri x V. rupestris Rootstocks | 110 Richter. | 1103 Paulsen. | 140 Ruggeri. | 99 Richter.


Dr Ian D’Agata, Native Wine Grapes of Italy, University of California Press, 2014.