Equisetum arvense 508 is one of the nine preparations used in Biodynamics. It is also referred to as Preparation 508 or simply 508. This preparation is made from a wild plant called Common horsetail or, Equisetum arvense. It is one of the seven wild plants used in Biodynamics. Equisetum arvense 508 is applied to the land as a field pray said to have a caustic effect. This spray is made either by macerating the plant’s stems for a short time in warm water as a freshly made tea; or as a liquid manure if macerated in water over several or more days. Only two other of the nine Biodynamic preparations are applied to the land as field sprays: Horn manure 500 and Horn silica 501

See also: Equisetum Plus. | Urticae 500

Also known as: 508; Equisetum arvense, Equisetaceae family; la prêle de champs (French); Das Schachtelhalm-Präparat 508 (German); l’equiseto or la coda di cavallo (Italian); Preparación de Cola de Caballo or Preparado 508 (Spanish); cavalinho dos campos or cavalinha (Brazilian/Portuguese).


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