Equisetum Plus® | A biochemical SiO2 plant health promoter developed from the Common Horsetail plant (Equisetum arvense) by Andreas Welte in New Zealand. It conforms to organic and Biodynamic certification standards.

How it works | Equisetum Plus® has a high silica & silicon dioxide (90%) content. This gives it an affinity for absorbing and transmitting light. Silica absorbs and activates light in the foliage and beneath the soil surface, it influences plant life by reducing the length of stems and internodes.

Equisetum Plus® promotes plant health by hardening leaf tissue and grape skin, balancing crop plant vigour, improving crop quality. Enhanced root growth allows plants to activate and oxidize soil nutrients at lower depths, working in conjunction with soil micro fauna and flora. This enchances the possibility of so called ‘terroir’ expression.

See also | Equisetum arvense 508, one of the nine so-called Biodynamic preparations 500-508.