Abraxas is an estate winery on the island of Pantelleria, in Sicily. The company was founded in 1999, by Calogero Mannino, former Minister of Agriculture. It produces Moscato di Pantelleria DOC and Terre Siciliane.

Contact: Domenico D’Ascoli.

Consultants: Attilio Scienza, Mario Fregoni, Daniel Bouvet and Pier Paolo Sirch.

Vineyards: 27ha (80,000 bottles). There are two diverse vineyard sites for Zibbibo (Moscatello d’Alessandria). The first is at Bukkuram-Scirafi at 120 metres. The second is located at Mueggen-Randazzo, at above 400 metres. At Randazzo other varieties are also grown; Carignano, Grenache and Nero d’Avola.

White wines

Kuddia delle Ginestre Zibibbo: 100% Zibibbo . Medium textured and relatively loose soil. Altitude: 400 metres above sea level. North-facing. Bush vines (‘alberello’). Picked, grapes dried in the sun. | 2002 Debut. Barrel fermented. Then to steel vats. Minimal residual sugar.

Red wines

Kuddia del Moro: From Nero d’Avola grown on the island of Pantelleria, in the highest part of the Island at the foot of the ‘Montagna Grande’ (836 mt. above sea level) surrounded by Meditterranean maquis.Volcanic soil. 360 metres. North-east and west-facing. | 2006 Debut.

Kuddia di Zè: Carignano, Syrah and Grenache. A wine that has renewed the French tradition of Pantelleria since its vines were implanted during the French colonisation. Planted 2003. Bush vines. Volcanic soils. 200 metres. Prof. Attilio Scienza guided the selection of grape varieties eg. Carignano and Grenache Noir. Abraxas also created a second group of vines, the first in Bukkuram Scirafi, another at Randazzo Sidori where Carignano, Grenache and Syrah have been planted.These grapes in the Kuddia di Zè vines have given rise to the wine of the same name. Giacomo Tachis also advised and provided Carignan cuttings from the Santadi del Sulcis Cellar in Sardinia. Kuddia di Zè is from Pantelleria.

Siderus: Cabernet Franc and Nero d’Avola. From Pantelleria. Volcanic soils. 360 mt. above sea level. North-east. Vertical trellis. | 2008 First vintage. Around 5,000 bottles.

Sweet wines

Moscato di Pantelleria DOC2008 Decent, thick, sweet, not overly laden with inner acidic freshness at Vulcania, Pitigliano 16 Jun 2013.

Bianco, Kuddio del Gallo: 70% Zibibbo (Moscatello d’Alessandria), 30% Viognier. Medium textured and relatively loose soil. 400 metres above sea level. North-facing. Bush vines. Grape laid in the sun after picking. Around 13,000 bottles. | 2001 First vintage

Passito di Pantelleria DOC, Scirafi: The younger brother of the Abraxas ‘passito’ below.

Passito di Pantelleria DOC, Abraxas: 100% Zibibbo (Moscatello d’Alessandria). Medium textured, relatively loose soil. 180mt. above sea level. Exposed from east to south west. Bush vines (‘alberello’). Passito. Average yearly production of 12,000 bottles. | 2000 First vintage.



Contrada Kuddia Randazzo Sn

I-91017 Pantelleria (TP = Trapani), Italy

Tel+39 091.6116832 | Website www.abraxasvini.com