Sicily is one of Italy’s 20 administrative regions. It is separated from Calabria on the Italian mainland by the narrow Strait of Messina (‘Stretto di Messina’). Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, and the 45th biggest island in the world. Sicilians call their home ‘a continent’. Sicily is now a key player in Italy for organic wine production (see below). 

Political geographyCapital city: Palermo. Provinces: Agrigento (AG). | Caltanissetta  (CL). | Catania (CT). | Enna (EN). | Messina (ME). | Palermo (PA). | Ragusa (RG). | Siracusa (SR). | Trapani (TP). 

HistoryDavid Gleave (1989, p.132) says Sicily’s various invaders have left their stamp on the island ‘over the centuries. Sicily has been occupied by numerous foreigners since the Greeks made it part of Magna Grecia in the 8th century BC. They were succeeded by the Barbarians, who in turn were supplanted by the Saracens. The Normans replaced the Saracens in the 11th century, and were followed by the forces of the Anjou and Bourbon Kings of Naples, whose reign was ended by Garibaldi in the 19th century.’ 

Native grapesAlbanello (w). | Cataratto (w). 

Vineyard area2015 Sicily was Italy’s largest wine region in 2015 with 110,000ha of vineyards or 17% of the national total of 637,000ha.

Vineyard area–organic2016 Sicily had a 38.6% share of Italy’s vineyard surface area under certified organic and organic in conversion management (Source: Sinab, ISTAT 2016).

Sicily DOCGsCerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG.

Sicily DOCsAlcamo DOC. | Contea di Sclafani DOC. | Contessa Entellina DOC. | Delia Nivolelli DOC. | Eloro DOC. | Erice DOC. | Etna DOC. | Faro DOC. | Malvasia delle Lipari DOC. | Mamertino di Milazzo or Mamertino DOC. | Marsala DOC. | Menfi DOC. | Monreale DOC. | Noto DOC. | Moscato di Pantelleria DOC. | Pantelleria DOC. | Passito di Pantellaria DOC. | Riesi DOC. | Salaparuta DOC. | Sambuca di Sicilia DOC. | Santa Margherita di Belice DOC. | Sciacca DOC. | Sicilia DOC. | Siracusa DOC. | Vittoria DOC.


David Gleave, The Wines of Italy (Salamander Books, London, 1989).