Poggio Argentiera is a wine producer in the Bolgheri region on the Tuscan coast of Italy. The estate is right on the edge of the DOC, near the sea and almost at sea level. Wines are made under the Bolgheri and Morellino di Scansano DOCG denominations.

People | Gianpaolo Paglia. Met him at Benvenuto Brunello 2014. He was born in Orbetello and got a degree in agriculture. He then studied molecular biology and worked in Friuli where he became interested in wine. He bought an abandoned farm in Tuscany and began replanting. The first vintage was 1998. His wines get a lot of PR and are easier to drink than the old style. USA an important market. Gianpaolo Paglia is married to Justine (English) and they have a son Oliver and one other child. Studying to be an MW. Researched plant DNA/forestry.

Staff | Oen: Fabrizio Moltard. Former staff: Antonio Camillo (now has his own estate).

 Organic certification | 2012 First vintage with full organic certification..

Vineyards | Poggio Argentiera has 20ha of estate vines in two areas 20km apart, called Podere Keeling and Podere Adua. The latter is where the winery, office and HQ is. Sandy. Planted from 1998 with Sangiovese, Alicante, Ciliegiolo, Syrah, CS, CF, and Merlot.

White wines

Alture Bianco | 100% Sauvignon. Sourced from vines high in the Maremma hills at 600m above the sea level. The soil is hard volcanic rock composed of compacted volcanic ash. Grapes are hand-picked and placed in small crates, de-stemmed and left to soak for 16 hours at 5-6 degrees before fermentation (only with indigenous yeast). After fermentation the wine spends six months in stainless steel.

Red wines

Morellino di Scansano DOCG, Bellamarsiglia | ‘Poggio Argentiera has emerged as one of Scansano’s best wineries and produces two excellent wines: Capatosta, the top of the line, and Bellamarsilia for those that just can’t wait to pull the cork. The latter wine undergoes a maceration lasting approximately 14 days, with temperature-controlled fermentation then matures for around six months: one third in stainless steel, one third in large, 3-ton old oak vats, the final third in small barrels of new American oak. It is a deep ruby although still just translucent and is packed with the cherry fruit flavours that gave the wines of Scansano their name. The ripe, delicious fruit flavours continue into the long satisfying finish. This is a wine designed for drinking while it is young and zesty. However, this is no simple everyday red, but a substantial wine that is excellent value. Try with pasta dishes or the delicious lardo di Colonnata, cured pig fat packed in containers with rosemary, sage, coriander and cloves and smeared on top of grilled bread. Bellamarsilia was named after one of the sea-facing watchtowers that line the hilltops of the National Park of Maremma. This particular turret looks down on the Podere Adua vineyards and is connected to an ancient local legend: the original bella Marsilia was the lovely daughter of a maremmana family. She lived here centuries ago, and the fame of her beauty was such that it reached none other than the last Emperor of the Ottoman Empire, Suliman VII, who decided beautiful Marsilia was to be his wife. The young girl was apparently not consulted, for the Emperor􏰄s men secretly came ashore one moonless night (unseen from the watchtower!) and kidnapped la bella Marsilia, taking her forever from her beloved Maremma,’ (Caves de Pyrène list, July 2011).

CapatostA | Capatosta is southern Italian slang for stubborn (Gianpaolo’s whimsical tribute to his father). Mainly Sangiovese. Older vines. Also some Alicante from newer, higher-density vineyards. Vineyards are on sandy-limey terrain lying opposite the Natural Park of Maremma, a short distance from the coast. 3 weeks on skins. MLF in wood. | 2002 Unfiltered. 95% Sangiovese, 5% Alicante. Very smoky oak and a very modern extracted style; chunky and coffee-like, so international the aftertaste is all vanilla and zero texture but a wine the punters like I am sure at the Morellino Consorzio on Wed 2nd March 2005.


Caves de Pyrène list, July 2011.